Sutter Capital Group

Working for Sutter Capital Group was a new experience for me because it was a brand new company still in the development stages of identity and branding. The first name of the company had started as "Maxum Investments". Once I had finished my logo design the name shifted to "Sutter Capital Group". The firm wanted to keep a similar aesthetic that I developed for the first name. I had also worked on the front-end design of their website; although, their current website has changed due to a new client market. But the logo lives on! Through research and collaboration, this project gave me a new perspective of corporate design.

Client:Sutter Capital Group

Services:Logo, Branding, Front-End


launch project
project1 project2 project3 project4 project1

Name change come with new design challenges.


Final Maxum logo.

project1 project1

Narrowing down the Maxum typeface.


Selection of Maxum Logos.

project1 project1

Playing with "x".


Mark Experimentation

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