Heat and Control, Inc.

Heat and Control is a world-leading equipment manufacturer serving an ever-growing list of food and non-food industries. Working at the corporate headquarters gave me insight as to how a manufacturing company positions itself in the industry. It was amazing to see the machines that can create thousands of food items per minute. Refreshing the brand while simultaneously maintaining a consistent image was the goal.

Employer:Heat and Control, Inc.

Services:Print, Web, Tradeshow, Email, Photography, Video


launch project

CEO™ (Color Enhancing Oven) Spiral Oven Brochure

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Masa Maker™ Brochure

project2 project3 project4

Masa Maker™ Banner


Packaging Systems Brochure

project2 project3 project1

International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) Tradeshow Graphics

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